The Departament of Forestry and Agrotourism, as part of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Engineering and Computer Science, is led by a group of young teachers, who's mission is to train specialists in Forestry.


The Departament of Forestry and Agrotourism is involved in several programs of international cooperation and has signed bilateral agreements with universities, institutions and organizations in Europe and America. Cooperation agreements have been signed with a number of universities in the Erasmus-Socrates programme, including:
University of Applied Forest Sciences Rottenburg, GERMANIA

Material basis

For your optimum educational process, the Department of Forestry and Agrotourism uses its wing spaces and other campus locations.

These include a 120-seat auditorium, a lecture hall with 120 seats, five seminar rooms with 42 seats, which added 12 teaching laboratories are equipped with the proper profile and five collections (botanical dendrological, zoological, geological and entomological). These collections totaling thousands of pieces of plants, rocks, seeds, etc.