Life at DSSA?

Make the most of your time at DSSA! Studying at DSSA is not just about attending lectures and seminars. There are plenty of things to do in your free time.

The options vary between different locations, but all of them are based on at least one student organization that organizes various activities and events. You can learn more about student organizations here.

Meet new people, share ideas, meet the Romans and other students from all over the world. There is a mentoring system to DSSA and if you are interested you can contact ScienceStud League, which will try to arrange a meeting with a DSSA student to show you around.

Know Arad and Romania by exploring the fantastic surroundings. Enjoy the different seasons. Celebrate the arrival of spring with bonfires and singing, exploring regions of western Romania during the summer, when the sun rises until midnight. Watch the leaves turn colors in the fall and try skiing or skating in the winter cold.

Mentoring at DSSA

Candidates for admission to "Vasile Goldis" Western University of Arad may relate by email with a student from the network of student volunteers from the Department of Forestry and Agrotourism.

Mentoring is a voluntary activity of the students of the Department of Forestry and Agrotourism. Students do not provide official information on admissions as they can be found on the department's website, in the section Admission or at the faculty secretary. The objective of mentoring is that candidates provide additional information on:
what does student life means the Department of Forestry and Agrotourism
How is the atmosphere at school
how to plan your time so that you may get the best student experience

Site administrators warn that the student volunteer does not represent the academic institution and is not the source of official information about admission, and has a role to support the candidate in order to better integration and adaptation to future student life.